Saturday, March 03, 2012

Forgotten February?

Yep February came...and it went. It didn't go unnoticed. Winter was here...mild, but here. School happened. Brooks and I hung out and did our usual routine: gym, lunch, nap, get Cole. There was a playdate or two thrown in there. Craig and I spent the month awaiting our passport renewals so we could plan a 10th Anniversary trip away. By Valentine's day, they were here and our trip was booked. Our trip to Jamaica was fantastic! It was wonderful to spend time with my sweetie. Our boys made it way too easy to leave. As much fun as our bigger adventures may be, it is our ordiinary days that I love more than anything. On Friday there was a Dr. Seuss inspired Read-in at Cole's school. He insisted on wearing his Dr. Seuss hat, bowtie and gloves. His teacher pulled me aside at dismissal and said the teachers were tickled at his cuteness all day. He's such a silly guy...and insisted on wearing the same get up today to the St. Patty's day parade. Brooks sends me into a laughing fit daily with some action or phrase. I'd say the funniest thing for today is him yelling out the door "Cole Harper!!!!" I mean really....when did he learn his brother's full name? and when did he begin to yell it just like I do? LOL!

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