Wednesday, January 19, 2011

15 months

At fifteen months you are cute. That's the best word for it. You toddle around with a wobbly gait. You smile a toothy, wide grin constantly. Your adorable giggles are contagious! You just got tooth #6! I think I've heard words for ball and "this" (while pointing). You adore your big brother and seem lost when he isn't around. You are independent in a way your brother never was, only coming to find mom when you really need something. Otherwise you will contentedly play with any ole toy that happens to be lying around. You love to eat and come running when I mention the word! It is such a joy to be your momma :)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Can we get a do-over on Christmas? Yucko did we have a sick group on our hands! On Christmas Eve Craig came down with a stomach bug and shortly after Brooks followed. The next few days were sheer torture combined with gift opening, meal preparation and lots of visitors (who we also successfully infected~sorry to all). A week later we are happily back into our school/work routine and it seems such a waste for Craig to have had an entire week off and we never got to sleep in, not to mention we spent most of the time confined to our house. Only 360 something days till next year....I think I can wait :)