Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Catching up

Everytime I take a break from the blog I take a moment to look back on past posts and realize how important it is to write here.  All the details I forget when I fail to write them down are lost and that is sad.  So no resolutions for future posts but certainly more of an attempt....it is the digital age and it should be easier, right?

The boys are both getting so big. When I look at Cole I can hardly believe I am the mother of a nearly six-and-three-quarter year old (as of February 6th).  Cole is learning fractions this year...and as I mentioned growing up quickly.  He's entered the stage that a simple 6 is not enough!  First it was 6 and a half...and today he asks, "mom, when will I be 6 3/4?"!  He is reading so incredible right now...level 12 benchmark in the first grade. He loves playing his Wii- Super Mario cart specifically but most of all loves hanging out with his lil bro.  The companionship and brotherhood between those two constantly amazes me. 

Brooksy is quickly slipping into little boy mode.  He makes me laugh every day...even when i don't want to.  He has the most amazing ability to change the mood from something serious into something that is giggly and fun.  He is becoming so independent and yet, somehow always needing me in just the right way.  He is going to be a great big brother.  We had preschool orientation last week, yikes!, and I know that he is ready...so ready.