Sunday, July 25, 2010

On the Move

At Brooks' 9 month check up this past week we discovered that he has fallen way off his weight growth curve. Could it be a problem with my milk supply? Regardless we are now supplementing with formula which adds yet another thing to my daily routine! Of course, since it is his well being we are speaking of, I'll do it without a fuss but blah! right in the middle of our move!

Speaking of move...we have created a disaster area of the house this weekend in preparation for the big move. This past week was a blur of home inspections, paperwork and signatures all while Craig was working himself to death at his job! Calgon take me away! I look forward to a day when things get a little slower and easier but for now this is our new grind.

Brooks has taken it upon himself to begin crawling through all of this! It's a labored movement right now...looks like he needs a good ole spray of WD-40 to his joints... but it fascinates me to watch him. He is equally interested in pulling up on everything so I am curious to see how quickly cruising around the furniture happens. For once I will be happy when we have carpet in the new house...I am sure there will be fewer big bumps. For now we deal with several a day from falling on the hardwood floors :( Brooks also got his second tooth recently!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nine Months

We have been quite busy the last few weeks dealing with house stuff. So much so that I totally missed the emergence of Brook's second tooth! He developed a runny nose last Thursday, which I attributed to a summer cold, and then I noticed the tooth on Friday. We have a doc appt on Wednesday so I'll post his stats then, for now it's off to furniture shop for our NEW house!

Monday, July 05, 2010


Our Fourth was a weekend full of fun this year. It began with the annual fourth of July parade in Fairfax city, attended this year by ourselves, special guests Chris and Mason, and Tiff, Chloe, Emory and Breon-Leigh. We stuck it out not only for the entire parade but for the fireman’s day water battle afterward too. The kids (well the adults too!) loved it! This was the first year sine Cole has been along that we attempted to stay for all of the events. In past years we’ve escaped to return home for naps , etc. Poor Brooks, being the second child and all, was forced to hang in there but in his usual manner he stuck it out and was in pretty good spirits despite the loud noise, lack of naps, and the heat!

Sunday offered lots of fun too. We had a casual morning followed by a day at Lake Fairfax in Reston. We met up with Pap, Susan and Lily, rode the carousel, played on the playground and ate lots of food. Cole was super excited about the firework portion and had no problem staying up in anticipation of the show. Brooks even managed to stay awake for the display!

Since the Fourth was on a Sunday this year, Monday was a holiday too! We spent our bonus day at the pool with Shea, Chris, Mason, Kriste and Autumn. We are so lucky to have such wonderful folks in our lives....good times!