Saturday, November 17, 2012

So it's been a while

wow so much has happened since the last I wrote. I've a million times over whether this should be the end of the blog.  Do I need to write about our lives?  Is Facebook enough? The truth is that I haven't even been FBing that much!  I think I'm just trying to be present and somehow writing takes away from that?  I know others NEED to write to digest their lives.  For me it almost seems to distract me. It gives me an enormous guilt trip, if I haven't done it. So I've just let go for the last few months.  However, in my usual fashion I eventually break down, revisit the idea and in the end decide that I like to look back at the blog. It helps me to remember the little things.  Today I needed to look back while writing an entry in Cole's most recent photo album.  What did we do last winter?  I have the photographs but was there anything that I didn't pick up the camera for?  So I am.  Months later, trips later, the start of a school year later!

First grade is going great for Cole. His teacher, Mrs. Bekenstein loves him and we like her too!  She is the mom of three, so she just gets it!  There is less homework and a whole lot less pressure on Cole. He is doing well there and is reading like a champ. We practice his words of the week spelling bee style.  It's fun to have a little one in school.  Cole lost his first tooth and also visited the ER for the first time (took a fall and resulted in 3 stiches) all in the same week.  We are gearing up for the upcoming Holidays and of course, the boys are super excited!

Brooksie turned 3 last month! Wow has time flown. He is such a big boy these days. Today he refused to use a sippy cup, he wanted a big boy cup instead. How could I refuse him?  He is acting so much like a big boy these days. He didn't like the idea of using the potty very much at first so we gave it a break for a week or two.  When we revisited, he took on the project like a champ and has been dry ever since.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that the night time string of dry diapers really does mean no more diapers.  Its funny to me that there seems to be a switch inside of kids that as it changes from 2 to 3 an independence button is clicked on.  Brooks no longer wants help with many of the things that he used to rely on me for.  "by myself" has become his personal motto :)  I'm okay with long as I still get to read books to him each night and he still wants me to sing him the ABC's before bed :)