Monday, June 21, 2010

8 months and counting

you are eight months now and you just got your first tooth. even though you are still so little, you are growing too quickly. I love to hear you laugh and you laugh at the little things. when i brush my hair against your face or nuzzle your neck. when i lift you into the air like you are flying. teeth are painful and this one was no exception but i still don't mind getting up with you at night. if i can ease the pain by being there, i will. you are so precious to me. today we read books and played on the floor together. we find so much fun in the little things.

Friday, June 11, 2010

the Impossible project

I knew it from the minute he was good picture of the two boys together was going to be impossible! I will keep trying!

As the house continues to be on the market (sell already!) we are spending our weekends hanging out with the boys and doing a little of nothing. I have to say though, our best times are really when we have nothing planned and we throw together a simple picnic, an outing to the park or an evening walk.

All grown up

you are four now and you seem so grown up. you love to color and to paint. you love videos and fruit snacks. you make your brother laugh like no one else can. i cherish the times when you still remind me that you love me. best of all i love it when you smile. your smile warms my heart.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Let the games begin...

Memoral Day weekend is complete (and we made it to the Beach!...more about that later) so its time to start summer activity planning. As the second summer of being home with the kids begins, I am on the hunt for fun, and hopefully educational, things for the boys and I to do. On the fun side would definitely be the pool and what better way than for FREE! Our Kids, a local blog for activities, is giving away a family 4 pass to Cameron Run! This is a pool we have frequented in the past and I just know that Cole would love it. Hopefully he'll be brave enough to attempt the slides but if not, the kid area alone will definitely consume him...and maybe momma can get a moment to soak in a few rays too.