Saturday, February 12, 2011


After recently struggling to put together an entire year of pictures, memories, and stats about Brooks, I realize the importance of the blog. How else am I supposed to remember all of these things? I also realize that there are lots of gaps! Sometimes I don't post because we were simply busy. Other times it is because I am too lazy to get up to get the camera to include a photo. No more! If I am too lazy, I simply will not include one :) The blogs are too important to help me not forget these times.

We spent last weekend in Virginia Beach at Allison, Scott and Quinn's house. We were there to watch the Superbowl. Exciting, particularly for Craig, because HIS team was yet again a contender! Unfortunately, the Steelers couldn't pull it off but we had tons of fun getting ready for the game. Grammie sent a care package with silly wigs, yellow and black leis, face stickers, a cow bell and lots of other Steeler goodies. The boys loved the wigs and we took lots of fun pictures.

This weekend we attended a Chocolate Festival at our Church while Craig spent time putting up new kitchen cabinets. I cannot believe we are doing another kitchen redo!

The boys are both doing great. Brooks is running around this week doing a funny blowing thing from his mouth, while wildly swinging his arms and marching around with great vigor! It is so cute and I hope at some point I can get it on video camera. He is quite the character these days. Cole is as always getting to be such a big boy. He exhausts me recently with the amount that he can talk! Seriously, does he ever stop? Both boys have been going to their own childcare rooms while I have been working out at the gym. Cole has become brave enough to make some new friends there and even went to the other room on Friday where they do something called Kids in Motion. I was so proud of him :) He is a very timid fella when it comes to trying something new and I didn't even have to push him.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Oh the weather outside is...

cold! Regardless, we have been having fun. To remain sane, the boys and I have bundled up and braved the cold heading for the playground, the backyard, or to our neighbors' for a little outside time...of course, followed by hot chocolate. Cole and Jackson have hit it off as pals, if only they could keep the pesky siblings out of the way! Brooks hit a very cranky period at the end of January~ mild fever, wanted to be held constantly~ I think he's out of it now and what do you know, tooth #7 is here. I hope that is all the crankiness was...and I hope it doesn't return!
We have begun the kitchen renovation in the new house and the boys are enjoying helping dad with the fun. Craig had to cut a hole in the floor from the basement to the kitchen and we had a jolly good time shoving things up and down that hole! I think we ought to keep the opening and scare the pants off our guests! The winter doldrums are definitely here and I am anxiously awaiting springs return. I am ready to be rid of winter coats and ready to see some signs of life outside~ I sure hope there are crocuses around here somewhere. If not, Cole and I will definitely have to plant some!