Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our NFL Beauty King

Cole is at the strangest stage...babbling in what seems like a foreign language (that only his parents are foreign to!) and playing with the oddest things. Recently he has taken an extreme liking to Mardi Gras beads. We have several strands around the house that he puts on...takes off...puts back on. His animals wear them, he takes them to bed, he wants to wear them in the bathtub. One odd little boy!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A mother's right

Okay so Cole will likely hate me someday for subjecting him to the torture of such a girlish costume but you can't deny that this isn't cute!

On to other things...Cole is now 18 months old! Wow...a year and a half, where has it gone? As his 1.5 year milestone, Cole decided he would finally hit the 20lb mark :) So we now legitimately have the car seat forward-facing, although we switched it 6 months ago to allow the little man to have some leg room!

We also wanted to point out our new blog link in the "friends and family" section. A friend of mommy's, Russ, and his wife, Kimmie, just had twin little boys, Jake and Drew. Hopefully Cole, Drew and Jake can meet some day.

That's all for now!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat?

Cole had a great time going out for Halloween last night. He got the hang of the whole thing pretty quickly and amazingly threw away his shyness, if only for an hour! He strutted his little toddling self right up to the front doors and helped himself to 2 pieces of candy, thank you very much....because just one is not enough for this cute of a costume! Of course, many thought he was a rabbit and we also got a few "what a cute little girl" comments (umm...excuse me but he has a BLUE ribbon around his neck!) Maybe next year we'll go for something a little more boyish :)