Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Fab Weekend

It's been a busy summer and we're still trying to make the best of it! Last weekend we headed to J-town to take Cole and Brooks to Idlewild, an amusement park not far from there. Just days before, Cole got to go there and Hershey Park, where he rode his very first roller coasters. I hear that he said "Awesome" as he got off!  This from the little boy that up till that moment was deathly afraid of most rides :) My Little Man is growing up.  So anyway, we took the boys to Idlewild with Scott, Allison and Quinn.  What a fun day!  The rides are geared toward young kids and were even fun for the adults.  We also got to visit the 9/11 Memorial in Shanksville, PA on our way home. I'm amazed that in the past 10 years we haven't made it there. It's beautiful. A totally different experience than the other 9/11 Memorials. Quiet...reflective and of course, a tear jerker. 

This past weekend we started our Saturday with a trip to Hollin Farms in Delaplane, VA to pick peaches. We also picked raspberries and blackberries. It was a hot, sweaty but delicious experience.  We picked some of the largest (big as grapefruits) peaches I have even seen.  After our furit picking, we headed over to Mac and Margie's for a family BBQ and pool party. The boys played to their heart's content in the water and mom and dad had fun too.

On Sunday, the boys and I were baptized. This is something that has haunted me for my entire life and I feel an amazing sense of relief to finally check it off my life list. While I totally respect my parents for not choosing to baptize me as a child, it has also been a source of distress for me as an adult. I didn't want my boys to ever feel that way. We have made a church home of a local Methodist Church and I absolutely love their services. Craig is often skeptical but coming from a Catholic past, I guess I understand.  This is no Catholic mass :)  It is uplifting and fun and best of all I understand the scripture...most of the time.

Overall this was one of my favorite weekends we've had in a long time. Good, quality family time and not spending a lot of money....my kinda fun!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beach Beauties

not the bathing suit kind but the more adorable type...two handsome little boys as sand rakers for Pap and Susan's wedding. My heart swells with love for them as I think back to how cute they were (and are!).  Great job guys...I really do think we should hire you out!