Friday, September 17, 2010

the Grind

Summer is slipping away and fall is creeping in, both weather and activity wise. Cole began his first week of preschool this past week at a new school in Reston. All seems to be going well and i am relieved to have a few hours together alone with Brooks during the week. The boys and I have also been taking advantage of the cooler days, taking walks and even making a trip to the zoo. Aside from the constant unpacking, organizing and pure chaos (still!) of our move, I am busy trying to plan Brooks' first birthday party. It is so hard to believe he is nearly a year old. He is cruising everywhere these days and will even stand unsupported for a few seconds. I think he may beat his brother on the walking timeline. Daily I am so thankful that Cole and Brooks have each other. What a beautiful relationship siblings can have at this stage. Today they were in the wagon together and although it wasn't always friendly, it did always warm my heart to watch them interact. Priceless, as they say :)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fun at Last

After all the hard work that the move has entailed it was high time we got away for the weekend and had a little fun so off to the beach we headed for Labor day weekend. We spent a chill weekend down in Virginia Beach as guests of Scott, Allison and Baby Quinn's, while heading to the beach, visiting the Norfolk Botanic Garden and the Aquarium. We had a blast!