Monday, September 17, 2007

Family & Farm Fun

Cole and I spent Saturday with my Nanny's side of the family for a mini-reunion. Her nephew Glen and his wife Linda own 75 acres outside of the DC area where they raise Alpacas for their wool. It was really neat to watch Cole interact with the animals. In fact, he seemed pretty at ease with the whole farming lifestyle.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hangin out

With all our adventuring this summer, we've also tried to slow things down a little and spend some time at home. It's certainly where Cole shows his true colors and is really in his element. Craig has been trying hard to complete our patio in the backyard and we are finally happy to say that it's done! The last few evenings have been wonderful hanging out back there. Cole participated as much as possible, handing the level and rubber mallot to Dad at every chance he got. He also was quite infatuated with the drainage rock and stonedust base of the patio. Now that the patio's complete, he's moved on to bigger and better things...mulch and flower bloom picking!

Cole is quite the jabber jaw these days. Not too many distinguishable words but he will repeat just about anything. He also likes to feed the squirrels acorns from the neighborhood trees and loves to take walks around the neighborhood.

This past weekend was our first experience watching football as a family. Cole got quite excited, along with his dad, when Penn State scored. He has taken to clapping his hands a lot lately and cheerfully exploded along with Craig when PSU scored. We'll be heading to a UVA game at the end of the month so we'll see what he thinks about live football!