Thursday, August 19, 2010

the BIG move!

With a few tears...well a lot actually...we have finally relocated to the 'burbs. Last Thursday was a busy day of signatures and childcare arrangements as we signed away our first home and bought the next adventure. This past week has been a blur of activities as our families have swarmed in to help (thank you all so much!). A week in, we are nearly unpacked, but still have lots of organizing to do. I cannot believe how much stuff we have :) The boys' rooms are both nearly complete and they are so cute. I am thrilled for Brooks to finally have his own room. He made the transition to crib without much trouble and seems to generally relish in the spaciousness of this house. Both Cole and Brooks love the playroom (and I do too!).
If you are reading this and still have no paid a visit....come on over :)