Sunday, February 25, 2007

Crawling is for babies

Our little man continues to be anti-crawl and apparently when he takes a stand over something he's going to be stubborn about it (the Taurus in him!). He does LOVE to pull up on everything within reach, however unstable it may be.

An update on Cole's other milestones at the moment....he is a constant babbler of "da da da" with an occasional "ma" thrown in. He's up to 7 teeth right now, with the 7th just popping through...still a little pain to go through. We finally hit the 16 lb mark! 9 month clothes here we come (Cole's almost 10 months so he's a little petite!). Much to our dismay, Cole seems to be a needy little boy...requiring someone's (mostly mom's) constant attention and love. For now, I don't feel bad giving him the attention, but I also don't want to raise a spoiled little boy. Is this normal?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Snow bunnies

ahhh...we finally got to take the little man out for some good ole' fashioned sled riding. I think we were taking it a little too easy on him though because we never could get a reaction out of him. I think we should have taken him on the "big boy" run complete with a jump...that would have been sure to get atleast a smile.
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Monday, February 12, 2007

Ladies Man

Our trip to Suffolk/VA Beach was a ton of fun as shown by Cole's rendezvous with his friend Ella. The weather was great and Cole was a good boy during the 3 ½ hour drive. Our friends Carl and Erin hosted us and we had our own floor in their house! It was truly bliss as far as traveling with a little one goes.

Cole enjoyed himself too as he got acquainted with Carl and Erin’s 7 month-old little girl, Ella. At one point they grabbed on to one another and seemed to be downright “making out”! We also got to see my friends Rebecca, Sophie (with her 2 little boys that Cole just did not seem to be interested in) and our friends Scott and Allison….phew what a trip!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Drool Meister

I thought this photo captured the essence of the last month or so very well....a drippy, wet baby (zoom for the good stuff!). No, not from swimming pools or fun bath time experiences, but from drool-filled teething, snotty noses and such! I discovered tooth #7 on Saturday!

All I want to know is when can we move on from teething to crawling???
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