Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hot Rod

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Demo continues...

 With Craig in the middle of our bathroom demolition, Cole and I have been spending lots of time AWAY from the house. One thing that Cole likes to do is to go to Nanny's house and play with her birds. This photo is of Cole and Sunny but Nanny also has 5 baby Cockatiels right now. They're ugly and cute all at the same time!
We also took a metro ride to Pentagon City this past weekend (a favorite of Cole's...the metro ride that is) and we went to Toys R Us to check out the new toys. All in all it was a quiet weekend spent recovering from pink eye (yes...the adults avoided it!).

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One colorful week...

Wow what a weekend! First Grandma and Pap came down from PA for a visit. On Saturday evening, we threw a surprise 30th Birthday party for Aunt Tiffy. Cole spent the evening charming the adults and going up and down and down and up the carpeted stairs (and shutting the door again and again..his new favorite hobby). On Sunday, Cole met our friends Jimmie and Kristen from North Carolina, up for a baby-free weekend of fun.
The spectacular weather on Monday (high of 67!) sent us outdoor seeking some fun. We went to the playground then headed into Old Town for the President's Day parade. The weather began to change mid-day and we were forced to run home while it drizzled...Mom was soaked by the time we got there. Although the weather had made a change (but still nice) some new friends invited us over for an impromptu BBQ...yummo! When Cole and Oliver (Cole's new Stroller Strides pal) disappeared into another room....and were wayyyy too quiet...Craig and Tony discovered that they had found the markers and were eating them! That was fun to clean up (Cole chose the green one). It was a great addition to the purple bruise on his forehead from his very first ever fall down the steps earlier in the day (Yes, he's okay). Last but not least we have to add pink to the mix....that is PINK eye. Yes...but noooo! The doctor confirmed it this afternoon. So far it's been a healthy winter...I guess we couldn't keep a perfect record.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Our very Hungry Caterpillar

On Sunday, Cole ate…..

One cup of milk
Snack trap of fruity cheerios
One bowl of oatmeal
One coconut cupcake
One bowl of chicken noodle soup
2 marshmallows
One lollipop
Handful of craisins
Several pretzel fishy crackers
One apple with peanut butter
6 pieces of cantaloupe (okay I didn’t count!)
Many pieces of shredded Chicken
Another cup of milk…


As I was reading Cole the real Hungry Caterpillar yesterday, he made me laugh as he tried to eat the book. He wanted the lollipop on that page and was going to go to any length to get it! We then proceeded downstairs, where he ate an entire apple by himself (he never ever ever does that!)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


...three boys in a tub! We made a trip up to York to visit Dave, Amy and the boys this weekend (and the girl in utero!). With each trip, Cole seems to enjoy playing with his cousins even more. Its lots of fun to watch them be crazy with one another. I think most of all Cole enjoys the indoor space to run around (and all the toys). It makes me sad that he doesn't have that same luxury at home....oh maybe some day!