Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spring has sprung?

Not really...but I can dream! Actually it has been a rather mild winter so far, with the high reaching 60 today. Even with the higher temps, we've had a low key month. I have been entertained with brooksie's ever increasing vocabulary and Coles amazing ability to read simple books. One of the highlights of my month is that Cole has finally decided to master nighttime potty training! It has taken a while but what a glorious triumph now that we are there! There have been so many blogtastic moments this month, I am saddened that I have been too lazy to write about them. On the same note, it has been a very somber, reflective month. One that for some reason leaves me very thankful for my family, my friends and for the life that I have. Nothing bad has happened to me per say, just things around me...joepa's passing, a friend of a friend's hubby dying from cancer, nanny having yet another heart procedure, learning that life can be unfair even to people we love so much. Why do bad things happen to good people?

Of Kie-Kies and Lovies: love at first nite-nite

I had a conversation with Cole this week about the blanket that he carried as a baby, the same one he still sleeps with today. we talked about where it came from and how it was his uncle Justin's when he was a little boy. Cole nodded his head and proudly announced that he didn't need kie kie to sleep with him at night anymore. Fast forward a few days to 230 am this morning when a very upset 5 year old enters our bedroom, crying that he cannot find kie kie. Make up your mind kiddo!

Both of my boys have had a comfort item. That thing that they just had to have to play, to eat, to sleep. I remember lugging around Cole's blanket when he was young and being a little disgruntled that everywhere we went kie-kie came too. Wasn't it enough that I had to carry a bag big enough to fit a small child filled with all the necessary items for a baby, 2 jackets, but also a blanket ta boot? We never lost kie-kie, I was too afraid of the consequences, but we left him in familiar places plenty. Thankfully he was always retrievable.

When Brooks became attached to a small piece of fabric also known as a burp cloth, that was okay with me. It was small and most of all replaceable if lost! It was easy to clean and of course, it gave him comfort. What is it about these things that seem to replace us parents at times? I know I am thankful for them. Not only do they provide peace in our house, at least when we can find them, but they are wonderful keepsakes for my boys.