Monday, March 07, 2011

Marching on....

yes I'm too tired to get up and get the camera as I start this post. With or without a photo, this blog post will happen. Who knows maybe before the I'm finished I'll feel motivated to get up and get the camera! or maybe I can get Cole to bring it to me! This mama is tired. It's been a day full of preschool drop off/pick ups, cleaning, cooking, playing, laundry, playing, changing diapers, consoling tears (because geez-o Brooks falls down a million times a day), and more cooking.
We're in the middle of our latest kitchen renovation (and by latest i mean it feels like we are always renovating a kitchen!) That means aside from the normal things to do around the house, there is an even longer to-do list. I'm trying to help out with some things, but generally I am no help...i only make more work :( I did fill in holes in the window frames today and sanded them. i had high hopes that I'd also be able to paint a cigar.
To avoid the renovation mess, the boys and i headed to Old Town's St. Patty's Day parade this past Saturday. The parade was good as always but made me super nostalgic for the days when we lived close by. We took advantage of the nice weather and we visited our old park and neighbors. It was great to see everyone. Mike, one of our old neighbors said, "you can take the girl out of Rosemont, but you can't take Rosemont out of the girl!" How true. There is a part of me that would trade every square foot of this house to move back into one of the tiny ones (okay maybe one with a basement).
At 16 months, Brooks seems to be finally getting some words or at least trying really hard to get some. I held on dearly to his string cheese today until he said the word 'cheese'! It was really cute. I think he can also say ball and bah-bah (for his bottle.....yes we should be getting rid of it!). He also says mahhhhh-mahhh alot! Not that I mind :)
Cole is growing up way too quickly and while most of the time he seems so big to me, I have to realize that he is still so small. I heard his voice through a baby monitor last week and it definitely reminded me how mousy and small he cute!