Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Super Strength

We spent a relaxing weekend in PA this past weekend with Craig's family. On Saturday we went to Uncle LJ's graduation party where Cole enjoyed watching the volleyball games. On Sunday, Pap and Grandma had a BBQ for the family. Cole entertained us all with his amazing ability to hang! Everyone thought it the was the funniest sight. He just loves to do it, pointing back up to the hanging devise with this standard "da....da....da" of late.
Speaking of "da...da...da", it has become Cole's way of communicating with us and letting us know what he wants. I hear it so often I'm wondering whether I want to know what he needs or wants at all! But really, it's very cute...until he begins to scream when he doesn't get what he wants.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Lazy Dayz of Summer

The hazy, hot summers typical of DC have set in and in many cases have left us searching out cool (that is as far as temps go!) places to hang out. We found ourselves along Alexandria's waterfront under the shade of a big tree and in the company of this cannon last weekend. Cole rushed to the water at every chance, freaking me out at the 6' drop to its surface. I was not about to jump into the Potomac to rescue him (well okay so I would but I certainly wouldn't like it!). Take care and keep cool.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Keota Street Biker Babes

Happy 4th all! We celebrated America's birthday in our usual fashion with the 12th Annual Keota Street Parade. Cole and Emory headed up the kids group in their red, white and blue attire along with festive tattoos, do-rag, and tiara. This year's Grand Marshall, Max Fix--my granddad, was quite surprised at his appointment to the most prestigious position of the parade. Friends and family gathered to watch the parade, join in the after parade ice cream, water battle and of course the cook-out. By 7:30, our little one was wiped out and so buzzed from sugar it took him an hour to babble his way to sleep in the crib at home!