Thursday, December 17, 2009

O where, O where...

…has my newborn gone? Time is a flyin lately. Brooks is already 8 weeks old and its nearly time for Tiff’s new little one, Breon-Leigh, to be here. We are anxiously awaiting her arrival and hoping that she’ll make her appearance before the end of the year.

Cole ended preschool for the year and so we have been at home filling our time with making holiday cookies, painting ornaments, and doing our holiday shopping. His preschool class put on one adorable show on the last day. Poor Emmy refused to even go up on the stage! Cole surprised us once again by not only participating but also belting out Christmas carols in the loudest voice he could muster.

We have also been to two breakfasts with Santa this season, one at Cole’s school and the other at DC’s Hard Rock Café. Both were chaotic but fun opportunities for Cole to tell the jolly ole’ guy what he wanted for Christmas, but Cole wouldn’t speak a word either time.

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