Sunday, November 29, 2009

Six Weeks

Our little Brooksy hit the 6 week mark today! I'm amazed he has been in our lives for that long, it feels like yesterday that he was still in my belly :) Brooks is doing great and last week when I weighed him he was a whopping 9.5 lbs! Not that I want to make a habit of comparing our two boys but I don't remember Cole hitting the 10 lb mark until much much later! Brooks is much more awake to the world now, spending a lot of his time sitting or laying quietly and checking our his environment. He has a mellow, laid-back personality that I already love! I am hoping we can begin to space night time feedings apart a little but for now he's waking me up every 3 hours with a slight whimper (as if it were impolite to cry in the middle of the night!). Cole loves his little brother and is a huge help. He particularly likes to help with bath time, which Brooks seems to love. He lets out a big sigh everytime we put him in the water.

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