Friday, January 01, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Time continues to fly by as the holidays are over (I have to admit I'm a little happy to have them over) and the new year has begun. Two thousand and nine was a joyous year from the perspective of our second son's birth and a very sad year as we lost a very dear friend, Mark Papa, and a family member- my grandmother's brother, Aubrey Glass.

For the coming year we wish for the obvious things to be present in our lives such as health and happiness but honestly our biggest hope and prayer is to have a bigger house. Everything in our lives right now seems to revolve around the fact that our current house is TOO small (at 950 blessed square feet). There is no room for the ever expanding need for baby accessories despite Brooks being ready for them (~exersaucer). There is no room to hold on to toys that are outdated, although Brooks will need them eventually. There are a million other things that have now inhabited the living room, our bedroom, and Cole's room that I can't seem to find a place to put them away so I am left to feel as if the "stuff" is about to eat me alive! Not a good feeling...and so our wish...a bigger, better house where we can host family gatherings, have our parents sleep over when they visit, a place for the boys to play, closets to fit clothing-current and future, a kitchen where I can make cookies AND cook dinner at the same time, but mostly a home where we can be a family together and make LOTS of memories.

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