Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Happy Halloween to all! I have the best intentions as far as the blog is concerned...well as far as everything is concerned...but it's been hard to get to it all lately. I cannot image why! What have we been up to? We spent half of our Halloween day standing in line to get the H1N1 vaccine and the other half decorating cookies, carving our pumpkin, and finally trick-or-treating. The weather didn't cooperate in the evening, so our door to door time was cut short but it was probably plenty for 3 year old Cole and honestly for me too!

Cole continues to be a good big brother. Last week was our first at home without Craig and Cole was a good helper...most of the time :) He had his fair share of tantrums as a result of not meeting his needs immediately!

Brooks seems to be growing by the second! He is slowly awakening out of his newborn slumber and testing out his lungs quite often now. Despite telling myself that its okay for him to cry, I run at every whimper. I think he's in the midst of his 3 week growth spurt because he seems to be doing nothing except eating! I'm wondering if he's going to be bigger than his big brother because he's already outgrown all of those newborn clothes (and I seem to remember Cole being in them for a long time!).

Lastly, we said a sad goodbye to our family pet, Flower, on Sunday. She took her last breath, or tweet, as we sat in the living room with her feeding Brooks. I cried as if she were my child (well she was!). We buried her in the backyard, under a stepping stone, so that she will always be with this house...a house where Craig and I began our family together. She's seen so much with me...college, grad school, marriage and the birth of both of my babies...I will miss her a lot.

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