Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Cherry Blossoms

Okay so I am lot late on my post but better late than never. Not only have the Cherry Blossoms come and gone but so have the daffodils, the tulips and the dogwood blooms are nearly off the tree as well. We've had a great spring with much welcomed warmer weather. This time of year always rejuvenates me, which only means I NEVER get to sit down! The garden seeds have been sown. They are well on their way and in the next week or two I'll plant them. We are hoping to have a bigger, better garden this year. I purchased a ton of sunflower seeds and I am really hoping that they grow. How amazing would that be in our backyard? Plans are underway for Cole's 6th birthday party. We are doing a candy theme with a moonbounce. So fun! There is even more fun to be had prior to the big birthday party. We're headed to New York city with the boys tomorrow! More details to come upon our return!

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