Friday, June 03, 2011

let the summer begin

Preschool for Cole is a done deal. Forever! I cannot believe that phase of our little man's life is complete and we are on to the next new adventure. We got great news the same week as preschool finished, Kindergarten is full day next year! Wewhoo! I spent months worrying that Cole would be behind the other students in the same county because our Elementary School was a half day program and now I don't have to worry. Now begins the mourning period. I'm losing my little boy and quickly.
As we speak he just put in a DVD, Scooby Doo and the 13 Ghosts, and declares that "he is five and five year-olds are NOT scared of ghosts!" He has also started brushing his teeth, washing his face and combing his hair in the mornings ---all BY himself! When I holler in the a.m. that it's time for the boys to go up and brush their teeth, he's already up there and practically finished!
He was also a big, big help this past weekend as Craig and I escaped to the big City for a weekend away. We so very much enjoyed some time away, some time to bond again and appreciate the opportunity that Pap and Grandma gave not only to us but to Cole and Brooks. As someone that grew up close to my grandparents, I truly value the time they get to spend with theirs. Thanks Pap and Grandma! (and thanks to Cole and Brooks for being good boys!)

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