Tuesday, June 21, 2011

20 months

wow little guy time is passing so quickly. Its hard for me not to look ahead and think in only 4 months you'll be two! I can only wish that the next four months go slowly but I know better, the summer always goes fast.

Your speech skills have gone berserk over the last few weeks. My favorite word to hear you say is "kitty" which comes out sort of foul beginning with the "t" sound (and almost always draws laughter from your audience) but it is still amazingly cute. You can also say cheese, pap, maw-maw, nanny, cookie and so many more that I can't remember with my end of the day mommy brain.

We've just returned from our first beach trip of the season. After a very long car ride, we arrived in Swansboro, NC to visit Uncle Jussie at his new house. We went to the beach on two consecutive days and you would have thought I brought two different little boys with me. On day one, you had no interest whatsoever to put your feet in the water...all sand for you....on day two, you discovered just how much fun jumping in the waves could be (with mom's help) and I could barely chase you off the beach! I could never trust you alone long enough to run back and grab the camera but I would loved to have had a picture of you laying in the sand and water, rolling in it and pouring it all over yourself. Did that really feel good? You sure made it look fun!

Emmy came with us too and she and Cole had a blast together. Two peas in a pod as usual. They are both great BIG siblings. Always making sure you had something to play with (or was it stealing away the toys?).

Last weekend we went strawberry picking. You were a bigger helper than your brother, who seemed to complain endlessly. You loved to pick and eat the strawberries. I brought them home and made jam. Hopefully you enjoy eating that too.

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