Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tis the season

Yikes I have been ignoring the blog! We have been enjoying ourselves as we prepare for the season. Brooks has been an incredibly good boy ignoring (well not completely) the Christmas tree. It was quite fun to bring out ALL of the decorations and to be able to use them all for once. In celebration of the season, a new visitor appeared thanks to Aunt Tiffy. Our new resident is an elf named Jingles. Jingles is quite the character. He smiles constantly, bathes infrequently and occasionally has been known to hang from the dining room chandelier! He changes his location nightly and Cole rushes down each morning to find his new, odd spot.

We have also added a few other members to our family recently. Jack, Jill, Molly, Polly, Tom and Jerry, our new fish, have made quite a home in our new tank. I just love to watch them, which is a product of our childhood fish tanks, I think!

Last weekend, we hosted our first Gingerbread house decorating party at the new house. Oh what fun we had! It was so wonderful to be able to have visitors and to enjoy their company without stepping on one another!

As the countdown continues there is so much to do! I have begun to gather the cookie recipes with the bake-a-thon to begin this weekend. The presents have begun to be wrapped and the excitement level is building for sure. Cole is very in to Christmas this year and it absolutely warms my heart and makes me even more excited to have a good Christmas for him (and Brooks).

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