Monday, May 17, 2010

May Daze

I'm feeling the pressure lately that I haven't been writing here consistently...or doing Cole's 4 year old photo album or Brooks' baby album. How are moms supposed to keep up with it all? I haven't even mentioned that I have yet to take either of their pictures for the birthday milestones! That's a big one for me. I want so badly to hold on to this cute age that each of them is at because truthfully they aren't so cute to me when they get to be 12...15....maybe I'll change my mind later.

The amazing thing is that when I tally up what we've been doing it's a little bit of nothing. We've been enjoying the spring weather~yesterday we had to be out of the house for an open house so we went to Old Town for lunch (yummo burger and fries at the Burger Joint) then had a leisurely walk down King Street to the waterfront, where we sat on the dock and admired the amazing view and considered how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful place. Cole and Craig went on a ship docked there called the Peacemaker...pretty neat, which reminds me I need to look up whether that ship does a Pirate lunch or something similar. Pap and Grandma came to visit on Saturday and Grammie came the previous week, all to present Cole with his birthday gifts. We are so lucky to have such wonderful family in our lives.

Brooks has been battling a fever over the past few days and yesterday a rash appeared. Could this be the all too familiar Roseola that plagued us about this time during Cole's first half of life? Looks awfully similar. Brooks continues to do his flip trick...not to be confused with Cole's flip trick, the one where he puts on his own jacket...but the one where Brooks goes from his back to his front to his back :) He is also working really hard on sitting up all by himself...nearly there. It is crazy for me to think that only a month of so from now he could be crawling! All of this makes me want invent a pill, a machine, SOMETHING that can slow time down a little...just a little. Really. Couldn't we all use a little of that?

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SLJ said...

I love this picture and putting it in black and white was a great idea!