Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Savoring the alone time

So this week, more than ever, it has hit me that the new one will be here very soon. While I am completely overjoyed by the prospect of another little boy in our home, I am so sad that Cole will no longer be an only child that I have begun to cry about it...on a daily basis! I'm sure he has no true idea of whats to come. Cole is merely excited at the prospect of having a friend to play with, watching movies with mommy and new baby on the couch, and running and jumping with his new brother, all things he has told me that he would like to do with the arrival of his baby brother.
While it has always been important to me to have quality time with Cole, at least as much as possible minus the cooking, cleaning, etc required to run a house, that quality time seems so much more important right now. Yesterday, we went to the library twice! Although there isn't much on our agenda today, I am going to be sure that we have lots of playtime, snuggling, and tickling before the day is over.

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