Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First day of Preschool

Cole's first day of preschool went without too much of a hitch. I was most concerned with getting him moving this morning but he seemed to understand that we had a place to be and that he would want to go to that place. I walked him into his class, after begging him to wear his backpack, and then he wouldn't take it off! He was quickly engrossed in playing and I was long forgotten. I stayed for a few minutes to watch him and when I decided to leave, I barely got a wave. It didn't hit me till after I left that this is the first time I've left him with a non-family member and I was a little afraid (for me and him).
At pick up time, one of his teachers let me know that he had a little collision on the playground and as a result cried. The first thing he said to me in the car was, "Mommy, I fell on the playground and I cried. Where were you?" I've never had to answer to him like that and I can't say that I liked it. Despite the minor incident, Cole told me he had lots of fun with storytime, where all the kids got in a circle and sat down to listen. They also had grapes, cookies and nice, cold water (according to Cole) for snack time. He was also excited to tell me that he sang the Happy Birthday song while he washed his hands and at the end he kissed his hands, just like the teacher told him to. I think Cole is going to learn lots of fun things at school.

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