Sunday, January 27, 2008

Boys and their Trucks

By the title of the latest installment of "Little Man" you might have thought that Cole got a nice, new Tonka truck but instead its Daddy that got the new toy! It was difficult for Craig to part with the green Cavalier of his youth (yes we're getting old!) but he finally did it! Craig is a big boy now...or has he regressed? Either way I think Cole and Dad are going to have some good ole' times in this blazing red beauty...Mom might even have some fun times in it too ;)


Barry Fix said...

About time he got rid of his girly car and got a "T"ruck. Welcome to manhood. It looks very nice. Pap

Suzanne said...

Who-hoo! Congrats on the bright red truck! It's beautiful and a GM vehicle, too (Jeff will be so proud!)!
You guys are going to have so much fun in it, haulin' around stuff, taking trips, and just cruisin'! Hopefully, they'll take you sometimes too, Trish!!