Monday, October 15, 2007

The Wonderous Things...

that a 17 month old can accumulate! Cole is quite a funny guy these days. He is a really sweet little boy blowing kisses, giving kisses and lots of hugs too. His collection of stuffed animals seems to be the biggest receiver of these sweet affections. He has started to drag them off to corners of the room...or under shower them with his love and attention. He likes to talk to them, read to them or drag them from place to place. Its quite a hoot to watch!
Cole is also working on knowing where his nose, eyes, ears and mouth are. Since he's such a quick learner we're now moving on to belly, knees and toes. Perhaps the funniest thing to me is how much he seems to "know". We tell him to put something in the garbage and off he goes. He can pretty much follow any command...and don't dare mention going outside or "bye-bye" because he will be instantly at the door. Such a cutie.

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