Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Trouble times three

No really these three are no problem when they are together...right now! I can imagine though as the Atkins cousins get older that they may get into some trickery. In the same trip to York, PA, we got together for a nice picnic put together by Nicole and Karen....yummmo! Cole also got to meet up with some of the family that he had yet to meet, particularly his Great Aunt Ramona and Great Uncle Larry.
This past weekend, mom and dad got to go to C'ville, where they were hoping to take Cole to his first live football game at UVA. Unfortunately, the game time was set for 7:00 pm and suddenly taking Mr. Has-to-be-in-bed-by-8pm to the game was out of the question. Instead, Cole spent his first weekend away from mom and dad with his Maw-Maw. I think the whole experience was much tougher on Momma!

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