Sunday, January 14, 2007

Our Winter Wonderland

...consists of playground visits and long walks through Old Town this winter. Apparently Old Man Winter decided that Washington wasn't worthy of a visit this year. With two weekends in a row of unseasonably warm weather (76 last Saturday and 60 both days this weekend), we're getting awfully accustomed to no jackets and flip flops in January!

Cole is loving the outdoors as usual, particularly since his cold has disappeared and the teething has calmed for a bit (he now has 4 of them!). His current activities include long attempts at crawling, which end in frustrated cries for "maaaaaaa". We've also started a "signing for hearing babies" class, which has introduced Cole to 10 other 7.5- 10 month olds....he is fascinated!

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Anonymous said...

looks like Cole is having not geting much sleep...i was up till 12 last night doing a drug bust and then i had to drive at 3:30....well i cant call till the 25th so e-mail me at my yahoo or uscg account