Monday, November 13, 2006

Rainy Days

Not sure where you are reading this from, but the weekend's weather on the East Coast was night and day. Saturday was gorgeous...sunny, mid 70's....with a back drop of yellow, red and orange fall leaves...beautiful. Sunday, on the other hand, was cold and rainy...but the perfect day to stay in and enjoy the antics of the little one.

Cole experienced his first teething biscuits...ok'd by the pediatrician at his doctor's appointment on Friday (wewhoo...14lbs 8.4 oz!). He also showed mom and dad that sitting up is old news as he bent his little body in half and then returned it to sitting position.

Here's a pic of him chowing down on a biscuit....hilarious... as one of them stuck to his pajamas and he continued to search for it on the tray. I nearly fell to the floor laughing!!!!

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Justin Evans said...

sucks to see him getting so big and being so far away