Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Job well done

The first week of school is over and that meant it was party time! Cole and Emory had the honor of being the flower girl and ring bearer in Justin and Emily's wedding held in Virginia Beach over the weekend (on 9.10.11!). We had planned to leave Thursday evening but the torrential rains (did NOT stop raining for an entire week with 7 inches of rain on Thursday alone!) left flooded roads and heinous traffic so our departure was delayed until Friday morning. The wedding was a blast. We danced to our heart's content while Brooks was in dream land at Scott and Allison's house. Emily was a beautiful bride. Justin was a handsome groom in his black tux with white suspenders and vest. The venue was the Virginia Aquarium and it was way cool to be able to visit the shark tank without a crowd around.

Upon our return home it was back to the groove of things with the first full week of school. We are midway through the week and Brooks and I are finally finding a new groove. I think the trick is to keep ourselves busy :) Cole's teacher, Mrs. Sheaffer has mentioned to me at pick up time that Cole is very well behaved in her class and if he were her child, she would miss him all day (all of this unprompted, she must see the sorrow on my face!). She also commented today that he is an "old soul". So odd since our nickname for him has been Little Man from the time he was a baby.

That's all for now, it's late....

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