Thursday, August 18, 2011

22 months

At 22 months old littlest man is the entertainer in our family. You told daddy to "go" (while pointing your finger to your door) tonight as he was pestering you at night-night time. You are also extremely possessive of me. When daddy tries to hug me you come running. When you reach me, you throw your arms around me and say "mine". Cole, Daddy and I hang on your every word (come on they are SO cute!). You are independent and accident-proned. As one bruise heals, another takes its place in the exact same spot. You are one tough cookie. I removed a splinter from the palm of your hand tonight and you simply stared in interest at the pair of tweezers. You love your kitty and your assortment of loveys. You pile them all into your shopping cart and push them around the house. You cover them with a blanket and tell them "night-night"! You jump from the side of the pool with no fear and handle being dunked like a champ. All of that being are growing up way too fast. Slow down little man, mommy wants you to be my baby forever.

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