Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Favorite Things

As a keepsake I decided to start recording a few of your favorites.
So here they are, at age 5 you love:

All the colors because they are so beautiful. (Your fave used to be the color BLUE! )

Your favorite food according to you is still mac n cheese. You also love candy of any type, cereal in the mornings, trail mix that we make ourselves and McD's chicken nuggets with french fries.

You like to play bubbles. Your favorite toys are balls because according to you "You can roll them around and stuff".

Your favorite movie is Lighting McQueen (Cars). Your favorite toys are balls cause you can roll them around and stuff.

You love to do preschool activity books and to read any books!

You have grown into quite a young man. Daddy took you to a baseball game last night and you said it was "awesome". Wow you are growing up so quickly. I love you little man.

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