Monday, April 12, 2010

Bonding Time

I always find myself commenting how quickly time is flying and this spring is no different. Brooks is about to turn 6 months and Cole is almost 4 years old. Where has it gone? I am thankful daily to have this time with the two of them. Many days I am at my wits end by the time Craig is home from work but occasionally there is a day that I can truly enjoy the two of them. Today was one of them. We played, we laughed and we enjoyed being together.
Cole is saying the funniest things lately. This weekend he explained, while I was driving, that God had painted his fingernails pink. I thought he was trying to tell me that he and Emmy had gotten into nail polish and he was blaming it on God! Instead he was just telling me how the skin under his nails got to be pink :) Such innocence.

Brooks is the good, sweet-natured baby that Cole never was. I'm not saying Cole was bad...just difficult and I am so happy that Brooks is different. I love to hold him and hear him giggle, to caress his sweet features, and to kiss him. This past week he has started to babble a lot..."da da da" all the time! I am battling whether I am ready to give up the night time feedings. I think he is ready...but am I? You think I would do anything to get a full nights sleep but those late night sessions are so special and he is so sweet and innocent and beautiful when he is on the edge of sleeping. I ran into two women today that stopped me to ask how old he was. They too had sons, except they were now in college. Both said to enjoy the time...and I plan to, with both my boys :)

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