Wednesday, March 03, 2010

In like a Lion..

Wow, March! Where did February go? Despite our lack of posting, we have had a busy month. Crazy winter weather...2 BIG snow storms this year and several smaller ones...have forced us inside, much more than we prefer to be. We've spent much of this time going to lots of playdates. Cole and Emory can't seem to get enough of one another. They also seem to pass every sniffle and sneeze back and forth to one another and that's on top of us passing it back and forth within our own house! I'm so tired of being sick :( Poor Brooks has slept more in his carseat carrier at night than he's slept in the Pack n Play.

All of that being said we have seen signs of Spring! Cole and I took a walk this past weekend and actually saw a crocus blooming and yesterday when we drove home after preschool there were a million (literally) Robins feasting in our neighbor's front yard. Sure signs that better weather is on the way...I hope!

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