Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Boot Camp

...potty training boot camp to be more specific. Yesterday Cole and I began what I hope to be the beginning of the end...of diapers! We had a couple of errands to run in the morning so the start of boot camp was to begin post naptime. One of our stops was Target to choose a prize for the end of the week, if and only if it proves to be a successful week. We also bought a book about going to the potty, some new improved treats (jelly beans weren't enticing enough anymore)and lastly, a potty timer. Who knew there was such a thing (there really isn't but Cole believed me). A good ole kitchen timer to count down the minutes when we HAD to try to go potty again. Our 1/2 day start was a good one with no accidents up to bedtime. Today is a different story. I am truly understanding that if there is no timer he will just pee (or worse) on himself. I know that its nonsense to think that we will get through the training exercise accident free but I know now why I've put this off for so long...it is no fun. Cole is already anti-timer, hiding it at every chance he gets, and he sat beside the potty today and did #2...BESIDE it! Why couldn't he have just moved over 12 inches and pulled down his pants? Shortly after that I decided to let him tell me when he had to go....accident again. Ugh!

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