Monday, September 08, 2008

In Remembrance

As you may all know, Craig has been involved in the design and construction of the memorial for the 9/11 terrorist attack at the Pentagon. After 5 years of planning, design, and construction the Memorial is finally opening this week. While it has been lots of hard work, it has truly been a labor of love for Craig. He has formed bonds and relationships with the designers, the family members, and other consultants that I believe he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

The Memorial itself is a beautiful place. One cannot help but feel (and show) emotion as you step across the zero age line and run into the first bench, that of 3 year-old Dana Falkenberg. As Cole and I visited the site last night with Craig, a sneak peek offered to family members prior to the Memorial's "real" opening on the 11th, they were testing the audio system. A Norah Jones song played across the "park", slow and mournful. I crossed the zero age line and stopped. A swell of emotion hit me. I couldn't look at Craig, he would surely make fun of the tears in my eyes. It is the most awesome, and the most awful place all at the same time.

I encourage you all to visit it, particularly at night, when you just can't help but feel the site's intensity and the love that is present there.

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Mandy said...

This is sooo awsome and I can't wait to visit the site.
I didn't even know Craig was working on it until I was watch Channel 5 news just a few nights ago and saw Craig on TV! I was thinking to myelf, wow that guy really looks like Craig. I quickly jumped on the computer and researched the 911 memorial. It was then I found out that the goofy guy on the news was infact Craig, and I was proud of my goofy "cousin inlaw?"
It looks amazing on televions, and I can only imagine how much greater it looks in real life. I will visit it soon just to see for myself!