Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The meeting

With the Christmas season in full swing we thought we'd introduce Cole to the person in charge, Good Ole' St. Nick. Well it took about a minute before Cole burst into tears! So much for a good picture :) I wonder how many years its going to take before I can get a good one to put in the cute frame I bought just for the special shot.

We've been busy elves ourselves...decorating the tree, attending holiday parties and of course shopping. Cole has been a super trooper, spending hours in his stroller while Mom shops away. I'm wondering when the awe of the Christmas tree and ornaments is going to go away. He loves to point to them and wait for the answer as to what they are...."giraffe, snowman, santa (mom saying "ho ho ho...hoping to have Cole catch luck!), giraffe, pooh bear......I could go on forever and Cole would keep pointing. He's also pretty intrigued by the wrapped gifts under the tree but doesn't know that they can be opened...thank goodness! Best of all I think he likes the Holiday cookies...but what kid doesn't!

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas you guys! Send us an email and I'll shoot you our address. Include yours too! Amazing how fast my address book becomes dated!