Monday, August 13, 2007

15 months

Cole is a busy toddler these days. Walking, talking and generally getting into everything. He has refined his use of "da..da..da" to "dat..dat..dat", while pointing. His only other words are "ma-ma" and "da-da" but I could have sworn I heard "shoe" yesterday. The doc says 3-5 words at 15 months are typical. I am amazed at how many words he recognizes (but can't speak). Park, outside, food, upstairs, and night-night all send him into a frenzy.
It's also really neat to see how he recognizes his usual territory. He walks my mom to the park and to the metro to pick me up in the afternoons. I love how the little things send him into a giggle frenzy. I took Cole to the pet store yesterday and he could barely catch his breath laughing as he watched a mouse on an exercise wheel. If I could stand to have one in the house, I'm sure it would be hours of entertainment for him.
Cole continues to be a little guy. At his doctor's appointment on Friday, we were alerted that he has fallen off of his growth line. Looks like our 15 month, 19lb little man needs to eat more (I don't know how though...he is constantly eating!).


Mason Phi Long Kinnahan said...

Don't pay too much attention to those growth charts at the doctor's...Cole is happy and healthy and well loved...that's makes him very lucky! Hope to see you all soon! Our 6 week meet-up time is about to come around the corner soon! haha!

Shea, Chris, and Mason

Anonymous said...

What a little cutie! I love the picture of him hanging around, too. Caitrin just learned how to do that, and it has now slowed us down quite a bit... anything that she could possibly hang from, she has to now stop and try to do so. Its exhausting! Hope you're all well!
Love, Sue Lugger

G&E said...

If possible, Cole just keeps getting cuter! Those growth curves really can be ridiculous. And if it makes you feel any better....Cole's whopping 19lbs easily beats Avery! Dylan was 20lbs at 5 months. Avery is 14 months and has a LONG way to go!