Friday, April 13, 2007

So Cole says "yea, this Easter Bunny guy...."

"...he brings some good stuff. Just look at this shiny thing i have here. I chewed on it, because it is so neat looking, and this good tasting stuff starting coming out. Then Mom came and took it away from me...I guess I wasn't supposed to do that! Oh well, It sure was good while it lasted. Back to the Easter Bunny...he also brought me these odd shaped balls that were filled with things that made noise when I shook them. They're fun! Later on we went and searched for those same things out in the yard. My pap helped me. We found 12 of them, and every one had something inside that made it rattle. Oh what a good time."

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Amber, Kingwood Tx said...

I love your blog, I wish I could keep up with mine, maybe I will start soon. Absolultly love the Easter outfits.