Sunday, February 25, 2007

Crawling is for babies

Our little man continues to be anti-crawl and apparently when he takes a stand over something he's going to be stubborn about it (the Taurus in him!). He does LOVE to pull up on everything within reach, however unstable it may be.

An update on Cole's other milestones at the moment....he is a constant babbler of "da da da" with an occasional "ma" thrown in. He's up to 7 teeth right now, with the 7th just popping through...still a little pain to go through. We finally hit the 16 lb mark! 9 month clothes here we come (Cole's almost 10 months so he's a little petite!). Much to our dismay, Cole seems to be a needy little boy...requiring someone's (mostly mom's) constant attention and love. For now, I don't feel bad giving him the attention, but I also don't want to raise a spoiled little boy. Is this normal?


Maeve said...

Cute, cute photos! I think what you are experiencing with Cole being needy is prefectly normal for his age. When Ilona was about 10 months old I was alone with her in Ireland for three weeks and I couldn't leave her with anyone (even to take a shower) for the first 10 days without major meltdowns! It has passsed though and she's much better with others now. Could also be that he's feeling a bit miserable with all those teeth coming in.

G&E said...

I love seeing Cole pictures! And yes QUITE normal for him to want you and you alone. Exhausting but sweet! Don't let anyone tell you that holding him and meeting his little demands will spoil him. Things that spoil are those that are left alone to rot, right? Babies grow attached, secure and confident when you let them know you are there when they need you. Easily said, aye? Enjoy these fleeting days of Momma's boy!