Friday, October 27, 2006

Teething Bites

So we've been teething for what seems like months now and all along we keep asking this it...when is the first going to emerge? Runny noses, crankiness (which is unusual for the little guy) and drool to no end. It seems that I can change his bib 3 times a day...and yet he's still able to soak through his clothing underneath! I wondered if we'd need all 17 of the bibs that we accumulated between showers and gifts...guess i have my answer now :)

Despite the crankiness, Cole seems to be taking the experience in stride. Biting on anything within reach of his uncoordinated fingers, including my hair. He was even a trooper this week when we filled his room with the stench of Vicks to open up his poor nasal passages filled with goop...teething or a cold? I'm sure we'll never know.....when is that tooth going to get here?


G&E said...

You probably don't want to hear this, but Dylan is 32 months and still teething!

Cole Harper said...